The emphasis is on Participation!

Although NYC students work hard during their academic year, many manage to stay active by participating in a number of different sports and leisure activities.

The NYC Athletics department in collaboration with a number of athletic centers in Athens and Thessaloniki, promotes an extensive program of competitive and recreational sport activities ranging from basketball and soccer to tennis and fencing.

A great emphasis is placed on team spirit and participation of all students.   

Scheduled classes are taught by professional coaches and trainers, and are open to all levels of ability.  

Furthermore, NYC supports sports teams which participate in collegiate local and national championships in which NYC teams have an excellent tradition of success.  

 For more information and participation requests contact Dr. Krinanthi Gavrilidou-Gdondeli at  

The National Gymnastics Association was founded on the 23rd of May 1893 by fan club members of the Panhellenic G.A who primarily believed in the need for an adequate and fully equipped Gym.

Secondly, the aim was to organize various contests, whose combative supporter was the President of the Panhellenic Association Mr. John Fokianos himself.

Among the major founders were Mr.T.Tirantafyllopoulos, Mr. I. Sioris, Mr. St. Vouros, Mr. N. Athanasiadis, Mr. A. Demertzis, Ms. A. Zinnia, Mr. K. Demertzis and others. First President of the Association has been Mr. Fragkiadis.




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