CBT-E for eating disorders: analysis of a case study of an anorexic client


CBT-E for eating disorders: analysis of a case study of an anorexic client

Lecturer: Dr. Marsha Koletsi

Thursday 23rd November 2017

18:30-20:00 in A1

The talk will be in English and is free to attend. Certificates of attendance will be provided. Please confirm your participation by Tuesday 21st November by to svensson@nyc.gr


CBT-E is the abbreviation for Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. It is a "transdiagnostic" personalised psychological treatment for eating disorders which addresses psychopathological processes external to the eating disorder. It is a broad form of theory, developed with the aim of targeting patients who did not respond well to earlier treatments.


Marsha Koletsi: Marsha earned her BA in Psychology from the University of Crete and then awarded her PhD in Eating Disorders from the University of Sheffield after having received a scholarship for it. She has been trained in cognitive behavioural therapy and in 2006, she completed her 3-year post-doctoral fellowship in the Psychiatry Department of the Medical School of St. George's Hospital in London, UK. She has worked in various clinical settings both in UK and in Greece and she has taught extensively at undergraduate and postgraduate level for the past decade. In 2014, she co-authored a book on clinical assessment in counselling. She is an accredited clinical supervisor from the British Psychological Society and since 2008, she is supervising postgraduate students as part of their clinical placement. She is a supervisor and instructor of the MSc Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapies offered at NYC by the University of Bolton.