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Bachelor in Communication: Mass Media Production

Bachelor in Communication: Mass Media Production

The field of media film and TV communications encompasses a host of diverse and expanding industries that offer a growing range of employment opportunities both nationally and globally.

Graduates with a degree in Communication with a concentration in media, film and TV will receive training and develop skills and knowledge required for entry into areas such as print, film, television, online media, and media relations.

Knowledge Outcomes:
Upon successful completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Show basic understanding of subject matter related to communications, mass media, film production, and TV projects;
  • Apply the subject matter critically and analytically in real situations;
  • Comprehend the political, social, legal, regulatory, environmental and technological impacts on media;
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the European and American environment of the media industry;
  • Have a foundation in science and liberal studies as delivered through the General Education program;
  • Integrate the knowledge acquired in the program to analyze media, film and TV;
  • Develop practical skills for a  film project; and
  • Pursue postgraduate studies or professional qualifications in the field of media, film and TV.

Course Details
  • Curriculum

  • Tutors

  • Careers


General Education - 25 credits
All students must complete the SUNY general education requirements.
Course Credits Prerequisite
1    Composition I    3    TOEFL > 525
2    Composition II    3    Composition I
3    History of Ideas in Science and Maths    4    
4    Social Science course    3    
5    Western Civilization course    3    
6    US History course    3    
7    Other World Civilizations course    3    
8    Computer Applications I    3    
New York College Concentration Prerequisites – 45 credits
Course Credits Prerequisite
9    History of Cinema    3    
10    Story Analysis and the Art of Scriptwriting    3    
11    Fundamentals of Directing    3    
12    Pre-production/ Production for Film/TV    3    
13    Introduction to Film Editing    3    
14    Documentary Film    3    
15    Sound Theory and Design    3    
16    Acting and Directing on a TV/Film Set    3    
17    Directing Actors    3    
18    Directing Photography and Camera    3    
19    Theories of Human Communication    3    
20    Advanced Speech Communication    3    
21    Public Relations    3    
22    History of Mass Media    3    
23    Principles of Marketing    3    
Foreign Language(s) – 2 to 8 credits
Electives: 18-24 credits (either or both NYC and ESC courses)

Empire State College Concentration Courses - 32 credits

Course Credits
     Communications Analysis    4
     Communications Decisions    4
     Mass Communications and Society    4
     Cinematography: Visualization & Exposure    4
     Building a Story    4
     Advanced Writing and Research    4

Choose 3 of the following courses:
     Consumer Behavior (prereq. Psychology of Adjustment)    4
     Marketing and Sales Promotion    4
     Advanced Public Relations    4
     Contemporary Film and Film makers    4
     Building a Story    4
     Advanced Writing and Research    4


Most bachelor's degree programs are designed to require 4 academic years of full-time study.


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The program in  Mass Media Communication prepares students for careers in film, television, media, broadcasting, and teaching. Graduates from this program have found employment in TV, film, online media, and media relations.

  • American University Degree by the affiliated university, State University of New York, Empire State College
  • Flexible studies and curriculums according to students’ needs
  • Recognized credits for prior learning experience
  • Student Advisors – “guardian angel” that monitors student’s progress and builds an ongoing relationship
  • Experienced tutors and high-quality learning methods combining lectures with company visits, seminars, lectures from famous and recognized professionals
  • Career/Alumni services that connects students with job opportunities through career events, fairs and job postings.

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