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Certificate in Mindfulness Training

Certificate in Mindfulness Training

Enhance your learning with an eight week course

Boost your skills with spiritual wholeness in medical, psychological & business studies


This training course has been designed to teach you how to practice Mindfulness in both a personal and a professional setting. Aimed at students, therapists, educators, professionals and leaders it covers the entire spectrum of mindfulness techniques.

The  Mindfulness Training course will be in English and certificates of participation will be provided to those who complete the full training.


Course Details
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Week one and two

We will begin by focusing on what we identify with and who we truly are, using a number of exercises that must be practiced throughout the week. The word must is used here to suggest that as we need to practice the piano daily should we wish to learn how to play, so Mindfulness must become something we IDENTIFY WITH in daily life. Our aim is to ascertain how we can become as true as possible to the AUTHENTIC Self, thus improving the way we communicate with colleagues and others in our personal and work-related relationships. Authenticity coincides with deep listening and being present every moment of the day. A number of scientific studies suggest that Mindfulness helps one cope with physical and emotional pain, anxiety, time pressure, stress, depression, relationships, work, eating habits, sleep disorders and events that take place in the outside world.

Week three and four

During week three and four we will explore potential, probability & possibility when clarifying goals. Using different techniques, we will discover the innate potential within to set attainable goals within our work setting, making sure that we remain mindfully aware of what is probable and what is possible. We will learn to stretch our thinking so as to introduce innovative structures and foundations to existing systems of work- based projects, be they studies, client-based challenges, ethical issues or other.

Week five and six

Building Resilience is imperative for remaining centered and becoming fully immersed in present time. With resilience we expand perceptions, our world view changes and we accept more readily what challenges we come to face.

Week seven and eight

Raising awareness brings a deeper understanding of the benefits of Mindfulness in all spheres of life. Deepening our spiritual commitment to well-being, we learn the art of Empathic Listening, Non-Judgement, Acceptance, Trust and Compassion as they emerge from within, facilitating a stress-free life. Mindfulness is not a meditation. It is a way of life that enhances well-being and promotes healing.


We will connect with Nature and Earth, becoming Mindfully Aware of the Interconnectedness of all during our Saturday retreat on the 30th May. As Jon Kabat-Zinn (2007) tells us; The more complicated the world gets and the more intrusive it becomes on our own personal psychological space & privacy, the more important it will be to practice non-doing and mindfulness.


Dr Lindy McMullin is a transpersonal psychotherapist, researcher, author and lecturer. Lindy designs and delivers training programs in personal development and transformative learning. She teaches Mindfulness techniques through the performing arts, is editor of the European Transpersonal Newsletter and is a core member of the European transpersonal research committee. She is a motivational speaker who has presented at a number of international conferences, making every attempt to integrate ancient wisdom with modern scientific inquiry. Lindy also supervises postgraduate research in Psychology and Psychotherapy for the University of Bolton at New York College.

At a Glance

  • The course is divided into eight weeks of Mindfulness Training, to take place over a two month period, meeting on Mondays 18.00-21.00. The course also includes one full-day Mindfulness Retreat, which will take place in the National Gardens (Zappeion) on a Saturday.
  • The course is planned to take place during the Fall of 2021
  • The  Mindfulness Training course will be in English.

Certificates of participation will be provided to those who complete the full training.

For more information about the course fees and application procedure please contact the admissions office.

Admissions Office: 38 Amalias Avenue, Syntagma, Tel: 210 322 5961, e-mail:


  • Identifying Self
  • Creating Authenticity
  • Clarifying Goals
  • Exploring Innovation
  • Building Resilience
  • Expanding Perceptions
  • Raising Awareness
  • Practicing Non-Judgment

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