NYC Student Computer Facilities

Upon registration, all students will be provided access to computer facilities following a brief tour. Computer labs are open for student use daily and staffed by knowledgeable lab supervisors who are available to assist with computer and network issues.

Through the campus network and a suite of servers, NYC provides access to an extensive range of PCs operating on Windows XP Professional operating system. Computers are equipped with Windows based software, specialized programming software, high-speed internet connection, network printers, and more.

Science Labs

The BSc Human Nutrition and BSc Biomedical Science students as well as the Year 0 Science students can benefit from the New York College Science laboratories.  They include two state-of-the-art labs, one for biology and one for chemistry, built in accordance with health and safety regulations as specified by both the University of Greenwich and the Greek legislation.  They include specialist equipment ranging from biology and chemistry analysis to coardiovascular analysis equipment to aid students’ learning.