Dr. Karagiannis Talk on 14/12/17

Mon, 12/18/2017 - 18:16

Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis, the well known writer, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, founder of the  therapeutic and training institute Antistixi in Athens, was invited to talk to Dr. Elena Kagiafa's class of Studies in Communication (University of Greenwich bachelors degree programme) on the 14/12/17, Amalias campus in Athens. Our event was a huge success with students from different degrees and other faculty members joining as well. Emotions were on stage for us that day. Dr. Karagiannis embarked us on a tumultuous voyage into a whole world of emotions by shedding light on the unseen meaning of our emotions and by offering exceptional examples of the changing states of our human soul, the range and intensity of our emotions, depicting bright emotions like desire, love, lust and shame but also dark passions like madness, fury, revenge and heartbreak.

Dr. Karagiannis's inspirational and diadrastic style 'educated us' using the Aristotelian definition and made us aware that this journey into the world of emotions had only just begun. Publishers "Armos", were also present at the event with all of Dr. Karagianni's books. It goes without saying that NYC is proud to announce that we acquired his books to place them in our library for all our students.