Dr. Luke Prodromou at New York College, Thessaloniki

Mon, 03/20/2017 - 17:16

 “Teachers or testers? A creative approach to exam preparation” by Dr. Luke Prodromou at New York College, Thessaloniki

Within the framework of the New York College English Language Department Forum on Applied Linguistics, Dr. Luke Prodromou in an inspiring talk focused on the need to approach exam preparation in a creative way. Exam preparation should not undermine the educator’s attempt to teach. The talk started with defining the difference between “testing” and “teaching”. “Testing” focuses on the learner’s “weaknesses”, it is “individualistic and competitive” while “teaching” focuses on the learner’s “strengths” it is “co-operative and supportive”, it is creative, and important for the learning process. Dr. Luke Prodromou also illustrated, by engaging the audience, the negative backwash effect of exam preparation; “Covert testing” which is the “the unconscious adoption of ‘testing’ procedures in activities which would normally be classified as ‘teaching/learning’ activities”. Finally, in his interactive workshop he suggested techniques which can transform exam preparation in an opportunity for learning and not another means of testing.


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