The Japanese Tea Ceremony at New York College

Wed, 07/23/2014 - 22:38

 As part of the celebrations in Lefkada and Athens, for the 110 years after the death of Lafcadio Hearn, New York College and the Greek-Japanese Association organized an event on the Japanese Tea ceremony by the Tea Master, Mr. Hisao Nakamura, President of the Nakamura Chaho Company in the city of Matsue.

Mr. Nakamura presented an informative historical account of the ritual of tea preparing whilst his daughter Ms. Makoto Nakamura performed the different stages of the preparation.  The event honored with their presence the wife of the Ambassador of Japan in Greece Ms. Kikuko Nishibayashi,  Mr. Bon Koizumi,  Lefcadio’s Hearn great grandson and his wife Shoko, the Ambassador of Romania Lucian Fatu, the Deputy Director of the Embassy of Ireland Mr. Luke Feeney, the President of the Greek-Japanese Association Mr. D. Vratsanos and  Hearn Society in Greece representative Mr. Takis Efstathiou.

Mr. Elias Foutsis President of New York College, Mr. Hisao Nakamura, Tea Master, Hisao Nakamura and his daughter Makoto Nakamura, and Mr. Bon Koizumi, great grandson of Lefcadio Hearn
Tea Master Hisao Nakamura, his daughter Ms. Makoto Nakamura, Ambassador’s of Japan in Greece wife Ms.Kikuko Nishibayashi, Ms. Olga Roupa,  His Excellency Lucian Fatu Ambassador of Romania in Greece and the Deputy Director of the Embassy of Ireland Mr. Luke Feeney