New York College Commencement 2017

Mon, 07/10/2017 - 19:26

New York College Commencement 2017


The New York College Graduation ceremony was characterized by a strong sense of hope and optimism for the future and was in turn indicative of the certainty that the new graduates have what they need in order to succeed in tomorrow’s endeavors. Namely, the Bachelor, Master, and PhD, degrees acquired through studies exclusively in Greece constitute their passport to professional success and development.  



 The 2017 New York College Graduation ceremony took place on 5 July beside the ancient Temple dedicated to Zeus and with the Acropolis in the background. Attending were graduates, their parents, prominent politicians and academics.


The Earl of St. Andrews, Chancellor of the University of Bolton


The Earl of St. Andrews and Chancellor of the University of Bolton gave his speech exclusively in Greek in honor of his Hellenic heritage.  The Earl mentioned “Isocrates who said that just as we see the bee settling on all the flowers, and sipping the best from each, so also those who aspire to culture ought not to leave anything untasted, but should gather useful knowledge from every source. The University of Bolton and New York College have achieved much always keeping in mind what is best for our students.”



Stavros Lekkakos, President of MIG, received the honorary Doctorate of Arts of the University of Bolton from the Earl of St. Andrews.



In his speech, the President and Founder of the New York College Educational Group, Elias Foutsis, stated that” Being graduates of NYC and its affiliated universities, you are well equipped with knowledge, skills and experience, moral and social principles.  It is this combination of skills and knowledge which will allow you to rise above difficulties or dilemmas in your work environment and ultimately make you winners.” 

Stamatina Zourmpouli made an impact with her Valedictorian speech in which she stated “With my speech I wish to reassure you dear parents, that your decision to bring us to this college was the right one. You made the best choice by choosing the best to provide and equip us with the necessary tools to go out and fight for what we deserve. You chose the best to educate us and influence our personality, values and perceptions. You chose the best to help us build solid foundations to rely on, to move on with success in our life, both personal and professional.”




Among the evening’s distinguished guests  were: Dr. Merodie Hancock, President, State University of New York, Empire State College and Dr. Sheila Aird, Director of European Academic Programs; Dr. Alec Coutroubis, from the University of Greenwich and  from the  Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, Professor Herve Penan and Mme Isabelle Solé. Moroever, Mr. Vasilios Kokkalis, Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Foods and Professor Theodore Fortsakis, Member of the Hellenic Parliament for State, former Rector, University of Athens, attended the event.




New York College has been offering multicultural quality education since 1989 in partnership with well-known Universities in the USA and Europe, such as State University of New York, Empire State College, the University of Bolton, the University of Greenwich, Université Toulouse 1 Capitole, and the Varna Naval Academy Nikola Vaptsarov.  New York College is the only private Greek educational institution to have established colleges and higher education institutions, in four cities: Athens, Thessaloniki, Prague and Tirana.