A real Business Experience from New York College Thessaloniki and MASOUTIS SA.

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 16:12

New York College Thessaloniki and MASOUTIS SA organized a successful business experience for the Business Administration students about the retail business in Greece.

The activities of the event were as follows:

1) Seminar: «The Retail Business in Greece», with Mr. Stamatis David, Marketing Director of MASOUTIS SA, Wednesday 10/5/2017, 18:00 at New York College premises in Thessaloniki. Mr. David explained and analyzed the Marketing strategy of the company. In 1976 the founder, Mr Diamantis Masoutis opened the first store in the chain at K. Krystalli Street in the heart of Thessaloniki. Today Diamantis Masoutis S.A. possesses the largest network of stores in Northern Greece and is a leader in the retail sector, while at a Greece-wide level the company is amongst the four (4) largest chains. With 264 stores, 245 supermarkets and 19 wholesale cash & Carry outlets, Diamantis Masoutis S.A. covers all the prefectures of Makedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Epirus, Fthiotida, Thesprotia as well as the islands of Limnos, Lesvos and Chios. More than 6.500 are employed with us. The company is entirely Greek owned, remains a family-run business and applies an exemplary development strategy which is characterized by stable and methodical development, with people and the customer’s welfare at its centre. In the seminar participated also Mr. Aggelos Chatzitheodorou, Cash & Carry Director of MASOUTIS SA, who analyzed the strategy of Cash & Carry domain. A long and interesting discussion followed with questions from the students.

2) Educational visit at the STORAGE & DISTRIBUTION (LOGISTICS) CENTRE of MASOUTIS SA in Kavalari, Thessaloniki, on Thursday 11/5/2017. In October 2011, Diamantis Masoutis S.A. opened the spacious and state-of-the-art Logistics Centre. This is a multi-use logistics centre located at the 19th km of the Via Egnatia between Thessaloniki and Kavala, a central hub for covering the needs of the network, the availability of the workforce and facilitating suppliers. The investment required an outlay of €50,000,000, constituting one of the largest investments in Northern Greece. The premises cover a total area of approximately €60,000m², in 14.5 hectares of land. These installations are some of the largest and most modern warehouse and distribution centres in Greece and in the broader area of the Balkans, representing a revolution in the retail sector for a number of reasons. Mr. Christos Karaisaridis, Logistics Manager, did the guided tour in the premises. Students were excited from this educational visit and the business experience they had.