Students and faculty from the NYC Department of Psychology had the pleasure of participating in a 2 hour interactive Art Psychotherapy workshop on Tuesday 12th December, led by Art

Thu, 12/14/2017 - 18:39

Psychotherapists Ms Kristallia Kolasi and Ms Foteini Loukarea. Art Therapy is a human service profession that utilizes art media, images, the creative art process and patient/client responses to the created product as reflections of an individual’ s development, abilities, personality, interests, concerns and conflicts. Workshop participants were provided with a range of creative materials to use and given the task of creating a piece of art that could be used to present aspects of the Self to the other workshop participants. The workshop leaders facilitated the participants in discovering the power or art as a medium of self-expression and communication. Participants were guided in viewing the artwork created by the group members and in responding to their own and others artwork in a reflective and therapeutic atmosphere. If you would like to receive information about the free seminar series organized by the NYC Department of Psychology please contact Dr. Antonia Svensson