News and Events

On Thursday November 13 th , H.E. the Ambassador of Hungary Ms. Eszter Sandorfi, delivered a lecture in the pioneering New York College’s Series of Lectures “The Ambassadors ’ Academic Tribune”, focusing on Hungary’s efforts to stabilize and promote its economy and security. She referred to the unsatisfactory state of things during the Cold War, and the negative role of the then Communist regime. She also referred to the 1956 uprising and its putting down by the soviet troops, and, finally, the return of Hungary to democracy, its association with NATO and EU, and its successful efforts to overcome old...Read more
Dr. Alexandra Kaoni, Deputy General Manager for Quality was selected by QAA, UK, the independent body entrusted with monitoring and advising on standards and quality in UK higher education, to attend an intensive five-day course for Quality Managers from non-UK institutions and learn more about quality assurance in the UK as well as benefit from expert input and sharing experience with other international delegates. The course was led by Dr. Anca Greer and Janet Bohrer and speakers included Dr. Anthony McClaran, Chief Executive of QAA. Following the completion of a project, successful delegates were presented with the QAA Certificate awarded...Read more
New York College Department of English Language Learning and Teaching in partnership with the University of Greenwich Centre for Applied Research and Outreach in Language Education (CAROLE) organized the first international conference of its kind on “Making Research in Second Language Acquisition Usable for Instruction and Instructors”. Speakers from Greece, UK, Italy, Hong Kong, Spain and Finland presented their research findings and the implications for language teaching, for a number of options on methodological issues such as teaching grammar, correcting errors, creating conditions for interaction and negotiation of meaning and developing effective instructional tasks. Researchers, policy makers, students, and foreign...Read more
On Thursday November 6 th , H.E. the Ambassador of Switzerland Mr. Lorenzo Amberg delivered a lecture at New York College in the pioneering circle of lectures “The Ambassadors’ Academic Tribune” on the history and role of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), as well as Switzerland’s role regarding international crisis management and resolution of conflicts. The Ambassador lauded Ioannis Kapodistrias’ very constructive role in Switzerland’s constitutional development. A session of questions and answers followed and the many dozens of multi-national students had the opportunity to satisfy their academic curiosity on various important matters that preoccupied their...Read more
On Thursday 30 October, H.E. the Ambassador of South Africa, Mr. Repulane Makgetlas, delivered a lecture in “The Ambassadors’ Academic Tribune” at New York College on the history, civilization, and modern international relations of South Africa, the “cradle of civilization”. He focused on the criminal system of apartheid that was imposed by the colonial powers, and the struggle of the South Africans under the great leader NELSON MANDELA to abolish it. A film on apartheid, brought by the Ambassador, was shown to the many dozens of multinational students, who attended, and were very much impressed. The lecture was attended by...Read more