Student Union

The Student Union is the representative body for the students. Elections take place once per year and the students vote those that best represent them.

The main goal of the Student Union is to enhance college life and act as a bridge between the NYC administration & faculty and the students. Under the umbrella of the Student Union, the students organise various events such as: parties, cultural visits & activities, excursions etc.

The new Student Union Board has been elected and they have set forth their action plan for the current academic year. One of their major goals is to collaborate closely with New York College in Thessaloniki and thus expand the NYC student body network even more. They now plan to have short vacations to Greek islands as NYC family members, all together on the same dates, so as to become acquainted with one another. Moreover, the Union's plans include:

  • To create links with all NYC branches
  • To organise cultural activities (visits to museums, galleries, etc.)
  • To gain privileges for the Student ID holders
  • And much more…