Extended BEng (Hons) Computer Systems and Software Engineering (Greenwich University)

This programme is as a bridge between your current qualifications and UK University undergraduate entry requirements. Furthermore, if a prospective student does not have a relatively high Apolytirion Grade or his/her English Level cannot be verified to be high (TOEFL/IELTS) then the Foundation program must be taken.

This programme is not only designed to bridge academic gaps, but also help you improve your English and learn about UK life and culture in preparation for university.

By sucessfully completing Year 0 a prospective University student is guaranteed continuation of his/her studies in his/her chosen discipline.

The aim of the Year 0 suite (Foundation program) is to provide students with the knowledge and skills base required to undertake an undergraduate programme in Engineering, Computing, Science and Humanities and consists of four pathways, Computing, Engineering, Humanities and Science.

The curriculum is designed to provide a broad programme of subject content that will enable students with a wide range of academic backgrounds and aspirations to develop an understanding and knowledge of the theory and practice of fundamental principles appropriate to each named pathway. In addition, each Year 0 pathway has been designed to allow transfer to other cognate programmes across the University. Each pathway consists of a common 60 credits designed to develop skills in the partnered subject areas of mathematics and information and communication technology and to develop personal transferable skills such as self-learning, time-management, communication, analytical and critical abilities.

Each pathway then contains a further 60 credits of courses core to the subject discipline.To complete your programme, students will need to accrue 120 credits per year.
Please note that 15 credit courses are normally intended to be taught over one semester and assessed at the end of that semester whilst 30-credit courses are normally taught and assessed over two semesters.


Common Courses


Language and Study Skills 30 Credits
Foundation Mathematics 15 Credits.
Case Study 15 Credits





Computer Engineering Courses


IT Essentials 30 Credits
Introduction to Computer Engineering 15 Credits
Foundation Mathematics 2 15 Credits

The programme is designed to be studied in full-time mode over a period of  four years or in part-time mode over a period of eight years. Students may not normally complete their study in less time than the normal duration of the programme. You may in exceptional circumstances, and with the approval of the University, extend your programme of study.