BA (Hons) in Film Studies (University of Greenwich)

The BA Film Studies aims at enabling students to develop knowledgeable, critical and creative approaches to understanding major assumptions, debates and theoretical models in the discipline of film studies with an emphasis on comprehending the cultural importance of film in its diverse global forms and within a variety of social contexts.

Students will develop scholarship and autonomy of intellect (e.g., recognition and use of theoretical concepts and abstractions), including the ability to research, analyse and write about film and related subjects in a variety of styles. They will also develop skills related to storytelling and practices of representation in audio-visual media, alongside an ability to reflect on their own learning and creative practice. Through film theory, film history and the critical study of film they will develop writing, research and presentation skills. Artistic and technical skills include screenwriting, storyboarding, camerawork, photography, sound recording and editing. Through independent creative and research projects they will develop teamwork, project management, working to brief and to deadline, and related professional and personal skills.


CINE1079 Introduction to Portfolio Production and Professional Practice

CINE1061 Screen Now

COML0001 Literary Forms of Representation

MEDS1110 Digital Arts and Visual Culture


CINE1007 International Cinemas

CINE1084 Animation and Visual Storytelling

CINE1004 Documentary Practice

COML1067 Writing for the Screen



CINE1009 Film Time

CINE1012 Cinema and Space

MEDS1146 Advanced Projects

The duration BA(Hons) in Film Studies is three (3) years for Full-Time study and six (6) years for Part-Time study.

This degree opens a wide range of opportunities in the film, media, communication and entertainment industries and teaching. Graduates have gone on to roles film and TV development, production and post-production. Some have founded their own independent production companies. With a broad training in visual culture and media-production, alumni of the programme can be found in marketing and advertising as well as a wide variety of communications-roles in media and entertainment industry.