Dimitra Hatoupi

Dimitra graduated from the University of Athens, with a degree in English Literature. She studied acting in the schools of Art Theatre - Carolos Coun and P. Katselis and took additional classes in ballet and singing. She has a renowned career as a theatre, TV and film actress, and has won several prizes including the M. Kotopouly Prize for her performance in the “Quartet” by Henry Miller, directed by G. Michaelidis; the National Award for Leading Female Actress, in “The Other Side”, by T. Psarras; National Award for Leading Female Actress in “Life on Sale”, by F. Siskopoulou; and National Award for Supporting Female Actress, in “Such a Long Absence”, by S. Tsiolis.  She has a long teaching experience in the national theatre school, and since 2003 she teaches Directing Actors – Actor’s Point of View, at New York College.