Mrs. Soldatou Theognosia

Mrs. Soldatou studied Psychology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and continued her postgraduate studies in Counseling at the University of Sheffield as well as in Special Education and Education at the University of Macedonia. In the year of 2008 she began practicing the profession of psychologist at a nonprofit organization as a manager of a counseling program for children with chronic illnesses. She continued her professional career collaborating with private counseling and psychological support centers for children, teenagers and parents as well as with Aristotle University by implementing educational and counseling programs for Roma children. She has participated in pan-Hellenic conferences of psychology and special education by presenting a program of emotional intelligence for children with autism as part of her personal research. She teaches psychology courses and supervises diploma theses in private higher education institutions over the last four years. At NY College she teaches Cultural Psychology and Forensic Psychology.