Covid-19 rules and measures of operation

The outbreak of the new COVID-19 coronavirus and the resulting pandemic had a major impact on the daily lives of millions of people in our country and internationally, with all levels of education undergoing major changes, which may be long lasting.

New York College, responding to the instructions of the National Public Health Organization (NPHO), the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (GSCP), the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs and the World Health Organization (WHO) announces its operational measures designed to ensure both its proper functioning and the safety of students, teachers and the community. The new academic year will begin with in-person classes, except for students who, due to health reasons, need to attend classes online.

The following measures and guidelines have been prepared by the NYC Operations & Management Team based on COVID-19 Protocols in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, protect the health and safety of the students, the academic team and administrative staff, and ensure that all will enjoy a successful academic year. Detailed instructions for the operation of the Colleges can be found here: Hellenic Government Gazette


  • Rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Hygiene and safety rules

  • Courses organization

  • Distance/ Online Learning

  • It is mandatory that all students wear a mask, in all indoor places, in the courtyard during gatherings, as well as while waiting in the canteens.
  • Students who do not comply with the above instruction will not be accepted in the in-person classes. The instructor of each course is responsible for everybody’s compliance with the measures.
  • The same measures apply to both students and the academic and administrative staff of the College (compulsory use of a mask).
  • It is recommended that students measure their temperature before leaving home if they do not feel well. Students whose temperature is above 37.5˚C should stay at home and monitor it. They should also inform the College Secretariat.
  • Upon their arrival at the building entrance all students will have their temperature measured in a specific area located in the college courtyard. If their temperature is above 37.5˚C, they will be accompanied to a waiting area for further measurement and monitoring by a nurse.
  • In case fever persists, the student will leave the College and, if he/she wishes/consents, his/her family will be notified to pick them up from the College and facilitate his/her departure. For all staff members of the College there will be a Thermometer Station at the Central Secretariat.
  • Hand disinfection stations have been created, so that, upon arrival and before entering the classrooms, everyone disinfects their hands with antiseptic lotion. In these areas, it is obligatory to keep distance following the relevant marking on the floor.
  • After disinfecting their hands, students will be directed to the classrooms, where their instructors will be waiting for them. Students will not be allowed to remain in the corridors and offices of the college for no reason. During their stay in the college they will be able to use the outdoor courtyard, always under the guidance of those in charge.
  • All students will leave the classroom wearing their masks.
  • The use of a mask indoors is compulsory for everyone.
  • There will be antiseptic lotions in each classroom for hand disinfection.
  • Classrooms will be regularly ventilated and disinfected by our cleaning staff.
  • In every toilet there will be liquid cleaning soaps and disposable paper hand towels, as well as posters with clear instructions on proper hand cleaning.
  • Students will be entering the toilets under the supervision of those in charge as well as the cleaning staff in order to follow the markers for safe distancing and to not exceed the maximum allowed number of visitors.
  • Distance marking will also be placed around coolers, where students are only allowed to fill their individual water bottles.
  • It is forbidden for students to exchange their pencils, erasers, masks, and other objects.
  • Following the instructions of the National Public Health Organization, the canteens will only offer packaged products.

  • Following the instructions provided by the State and in order to avoid unnecessary moving around the college areas as well as to ensure keeping safe distances, breaks will not be scheduled simultaneously for all classes.
  • The instructor of each course is responsible for ensuring students’ compliance with the measures inside the classroom or inside the laboratory.
  • Students will not move to other classrooms except for cases where it is essential e.g. moving to a Laboratory. In these cases, classrooms will be disinfected and ventilated before the entrance of the next group of students.

In case of students being absent due to COVID-19 infection or relevant reason (as defined by the Government Gazette Issue BD 3780/08.09.2020), they will be able to attend courses remotely through our MS Teams platform. In case of onsite classes suspension, all courses will be held online through the MS-Teams platform, based on the online program that will be uploaded just like the regular curriculum.


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