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In addition to effective educational work of NYC Group as to class instruction and lab practice in Europe, New York College has been active in innovative research for several years. The academics of the College are distinguished scientists with significant and internationally recognized research work, both with publications in academic journals and with participation in scientific conferences. New York College encourages its students to conduct research in their field of specialization and to publish their findings.  

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New York College Group (NYC Group) is a historic private educational institution of higher education in Greece and Central Europe, where it excels in tertiary education, in long-term collaboration with world-renowned state universities of America and Europe, i.e. State University of New York - Empire State College (USA), University of Greenwich (England), University of Bolton (England), and Université Toulouse 1 Capitole (France).

For our students and alumni, the collaboration of New York College with prestigious state universities has not only an international academic dimension—every NYC graduate is awarded an authentic degree of a collaborating state university of America or Europe—but also an important research dimension: The broad range of international collaborations of New York College in 39 fields of academic specialization, expands the potential of our students and alumni or alumnae in scientific research as well, with their publications enriching their CVs and contributing positively to their professional careers.

Moreover, the close collaboration of New York College with other members of NYC Group, such as the University of New York in Prague with a significant academic and research presence in the heart of Europe (Czech Republic), expands even further the capabilities of our students and academics, who may thus pursue their goals by availing themselves of the research resources of New York College at an international level.

Elias Foutsis, Hon PhD

By chronological order

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