Why Study Psychology? Is this the University major for you?

There are many reasons to study Psychology. For instance, to gain a better understanding of people around you, to gain a better understanding of yourself and your potential, and not least because of the excellent career prospects offered to graduates.

02 August 2023

Sustainable Gastronomy: Nurturing the Planet

In this fast-paced world, the concept of sustainability has permeated every aspect of our lives, inviting positive change and transforming our cultures. Even the realm of gastronomy, with its rich tapestry of flavors and experiences, has embraced this global movement towards sustainability.

11 July 2023

What is Post Traumatic Growth?

Resilience and posttraumatic growth have aroused a growing interest in psychological research during the last decades. To move from trauma to growth is a challenging task and we all have been asked to do so and reflect on the possible long term positive effects as individuals, communities and nations, after the pandemic, leading to collective resilience.

Negative experiences can spiral to positive meaning making, including the recognition of personal strength, the exploration of new possibilities, improved relationships, a greater appreciation for life and spiritual growth. Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) can flourish upon educational experiences, emotional regulation, narrative development and change of our personal story as well the collective history.

20 June 2023

It is possible to live authentically and be happy!

Do you know enough about building happiness?

Positive psychology is about building on strengths and virtues, but you may well ask how you can build something substantial when your foundations are rocky – when you know you carry trauma from the past. You may not even believe that you are entitled to positive feelings, because up to now they have evaded you and your defense mechanisms have become thick walls around you. Living in fear at a subconscious level that whenever someone triggers you, these walls may begin to crumble, will create chronic stress. You may try avoiding and even denying these triggers, because they leave you feeling vulnerable, turning to other shortcuts for quick relief. Is it the chocolate, shopping, sex, alcohol, and cigarettes amongst other, that brings you to the brink of joy, rapture, and comfort, or are they short lived? What about the scripts you follow, telling yourself stories about others, your feelings, and emotions – those mind-blowing games where you convince yourself that all the emptiness that you are experiencing is quite adequate, because that’s the reality of life?

15 June 2023

Why studying English Language and English Language Teaching?

In today’s globalised world and in an era in which movement of diverse people across geographical borders for a range of educational, socioeconomic or sociopolitical reasons has become a norm, people’s ability to live in and with languages other than their mother tongue has become a valued personal, social, political and economic asset. 

28 April 2023

Nutritionist-Dietitian: A consultant or a nutritional therapist with empathy?

The nutritionist-dietitian has been defined in our consciousness as the consultant who fights for the aid of human health through the development of appropriate diet plans. But how simple is this after all? Are there many more? 

20 April 2023

Biomedical Sciences: From the laboratory research to the cure

The current scientific trends toward the promotion of human health created the need for the development of innovative and effective pharmaceuticals and therapies.

19 April 2023

Nutrition beyond "Nutrition"

The first thing I tell my students when we start our dietetics classes is that the average person's nutrition has little to do with Nutrition as a science. Nutrition as a science is useful for us dietitians, to design meal plans and assess the nutritional adequacy of our patient, but when it’s time to change someone’s eating habits, Nutrition books go out the window and Psychology, Sociology and Epidemiology books enter the picture.

17 April 2023

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