Why studying English Language and English Language Teaching?

In today’s globalised world and in an era in which movement of diverse people across geographical borders for a range of educational, socioeconomic or sociopolitical reasons has become a norm, people’s ability to live in and with languages other than their mother tongue has become a valued personal, social, political and economic asset. 

28 April 2023

Nutritionist-Dietitian: A consultant or a nutritional therapist with empathy?

The nutritionist-dietitian has been defined in our consciousness as the consultant who fights for the aid of human health through the development of appropriate diet plans. But how simple is this after all? Are there many more? 

20 April 2023

Biomedical Sciences: From the laboratory research to the cure

The current scientific trends toward the promotion of human health created the need for the development of innovative and effective pharmaceuticals and therapies.

19 April 2023

Nutrition beyond "Nutrition"

The first thing I tell my students when we start our dietetics classes is that the average person's nutrition has little to do with Nutrition as a science. Nutrition as a science is useful for us dietitians, to design meal plans and assess the nutritional adequacy of our patient, but when it’s time to change someone’s eating habits, Nutrition books go out the window and Psychology, Sociology and Epidemiology books enter the picture.

17 April 2023

The Benefits of Studying Business Administration: Unlocking Your Path to Success

Often when prospective students are not sure of what career path to follow, studying business is viewed as a good option.

17 April 2023

Study Data Analytics and New Technologies: the case of Sentiment Analysis Approach

The last few years, especially since the pandemic of Covid 19, have given way to an astronomical rise in how data is collected and interpreted for business intelligence and decision-making. As new digital technologies emerge to assist and enhance businesses, the Data Analysts will become more and more valuable leading to exceptional career progression and job security. Many Greek and Multinational companies are actively seeking to employ successful graduates with studies in Data Analytics and Data Science. As the demand for Data Analysts continues to grow across various industries, companies require skilled professionals who can analyze, interpret, and translate data into actionable insights. A graduate from this field, holds all the necessary technical and analytical skills for working in open high demand roles such as Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, CRM Consultants and more.

16 March 2023

What it takes to be an All-Star Hotel Manager

Hotel industry is an ever-evolving and growing sector which demands the best of skills and knowledge from its managers. To be a successful hotel manager, one needs to have a blend of technical skills and personal qualities that enable them to effectively take control of the day-to-day operations of a hotel. In this journal, we will discuss some key skills that a successful hotel manager should possess.

14 March 2023

Studying Sports Science and Coaching at New York College

Studying Sports Science and Coaching at New York College of Athens can provide a wide range of benefits.

13 March 2023

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