About NYC

New York College is a group of educational institutions offering high quality multicultural education through its academic collaboration with prestigious American and European Universities.

Our Vision

New York College was founded in 1989 and since then has been offering new opportunities in education and professional specialization, with integrity and a high sense of responsibility. By combining the local cultural heritage with the American and European educational paradigms, New York College educates future professionals who partake of a multicultural experience, obtain a cross-cultural experience and become attuned to a global spirit.

Paths and Partners

New York College offers a unique opportunity for complete university studies in Greece which lead to an American or European degree from widely recognized Universities such as the State University of New York - Empire State College, the British University of Greenwich, the University of Bolton, the French Université Toulouse 1 Capitole and the the American National American University

The  Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees acquired in New York College from the collaborating universities are recognized by the Ministry of Education as equal in value with the degrees of the Greek Universities and with the same professional rights (

The International Dimension of the New York College Group

In 1998 New York College established the UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK IN PRAGUE (UNYP), in the Czech Republic, the first private higher education institution, recognized by the Czech Ministry of Education.

In 2001, NEW YORK COLLEGE in THESSALONIKI was established in the heart of the city, offering an extensive number of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in response to the educational needs of Northern Greece.

In 2002 New York College established the first private University in Tirana, Albania, the UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK TIRANA, which having secured the recognition and accreditation of the Ministry of Education of Albania, it offers the full range of degree levels (Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD) in a variety of disciplines. 

Currently, New York College is in the process of establishing a private college in London, UK, with the aim to offering degree programs in partnership with UK Universities.

The Group continues to develop through the establishment of new collaborations, the offering of new programs, and the continuous upgrading of our infrastructure. Stay in touch via our website, and find more about your college.

Our Multicultural Environment

New York College has taken justifiable pride in having established a multicultural environment. Faculty, administrative staff, and students from all over world work and study with us. At New York College we consider diversity a privilege, since it opens new horizons to knowledge, enriches cultural contacts, and most importantly, allows our students to interact in a culturally diverse milieu, so indispensable for the citizen of the global today.

Quality Education Programs

The New York College faculty and administrative personnel and graduates of the finest universities of the US and Europe. The New York College faculty members have work experience and credentials in business, industry, and academia and teaching qualifications, along with postgraduate degrees, Master's and PhDs from well-known American and European Universities.

We offer flexible study programs which address the needs of both non-working and working students and young executives, while at the same time we constantly enrich the options and the curricula to meet the needs of the local and international labor market.

NYC Distinctions and Accomplishments

The annual Alumni Book demonstrates that a number of NYC graduates hold executive positions with local and multinational companies and organizations, while others have been accepted on postgraduate courses by well known universities in the US and Europe. New York College graduates continue to be highly employable as a result of the prestige of their degree as well as the career support and mentoring they receive throughout their studies at New York College and beyond. In addition, many of our graduates have started up their own businesses in Greece and abroad.


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