PhD Degrees

The New York College continues to be committed to excellence in research and encourages graduates in all disciplines to consider studying for a PhD – the highest award conferred by the university, or an MPhil. To this end, the university offers the opportunity to study for a PhD or MPhil in any subject area where we have relevant research expertise, in discussion with the Academic Group, Research Institute or Research Centre.

The PhD by thesis is awarded to a candidate who, having critically investigated and evaluated an approved topic resulting in an independent and original contribution to knowledge and demonstrated an understanding of research methods appropriate to the chosen field, has presented and defended a thesis. This PhD programme is designed for those who wish to pursue supervised research at doctoral level leading to the production of a traditional thesis which will be considered as an original and independent contribution to knowledge and justify the award of a PhD. It is possible to apply for and to be registered for the PhD either ‘direct’ or ‘via MPhil’.

  • Business Administration - PhD Degrees

  • Civil Engineering - PhD Degrees

  • Communications - PhD Degrees

  • Computer Networking - PhD Degrees

  • Crisis Management - PhD Degrees

  • Education - PhD Degrees

  • Computer Science - PhD Degrees

  • Computing - PhD Degrees

  • English Language Teaching - PhD Degrees

  • Enterprise - PhD Degrees

  • Film Studies - PhD Degrees

  • Finance - PhD Degrees

  • Computer Gaming - PhD Degrees

  • Hospitality Management - PhD Degrees

  • Dietetics - PhD Degrees

  • Human Resource Management - PhD Degrees

  • Information Systems - PhD Degrees

  • International Relations - PhD Degrees

  • International Studies - PhD Degrees

  • Law - PhD Degrees

  • Linguistics - PhD Degrees

  • Logistics - PhD Degrees

  • Management - PhD Degrees

  • Marine Engineering - PhD Degrees

  • Marketing - PhD Degrees

  • Mass Media Production - PhD Degrees

  • MBA - PhD Degrees

  • People Management - PhD Degrees

  • Retail - PhD Degrees

  • Shipping - PhD Degrees

  • Software Engineering - PhD Degrees

  • Supply Chain Management - PhD Degrees

  • Tourism - PhD Degrees

  • Psychotherapy - PhD Degrees

  • Psychology - PhD Degrees

  • Biomedical Sciences - PhD Degrees

  • Data Analysis - PhD Degrees

  • Cyber Security - PhD Degrees

  • Application Development - PhD Degrees


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