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The NYC Athens Campus  is located a few steps from Plaka, the Acropolis, the House of Parliament, Herod Atticus Theatre, the National Library, and opposite to the National Garden.

The north frontage of NYC ATHENS CAMPUS, a landmark historic building (Syngros Hall) on the edge of the Old City of Athens in the shade of the Acropolis (photo 1). Panoramic view of the 4 buildings (halls) of NYC ATHENS CAMPUS (photo 2): 1. Syngros Hall 2. Mumper Hall 3. Kapodistrias Hall 4. Paparrigopoulou Hall.

*The four buildings of NYC ATHENS CAMPUS have been respectively named in honor of Andreas Syngros (Building 1), a benefactor-financier of the construction of the building since 1878, by Dr. Robert Mumper (building 2), pioneer of New York College's first international accreditation agreement with STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK in 1989, by Ioannis Kapodistrias (building 3), founder of Greek Education in 1828-1831, and by Eleni Paparrigopoulos (building 4), the first President of the historic "Youth Education Club", who in 1872 took the initiative of erecting the building as an educational establishment, founded on 11 December 1878 in the presence of King George I, Queen Olga and government ministers.

Part of the NYC’s ATHENS CAMPUS Traditional Courtyard (photo 3). The National Park and Zappeion Park (photo 4), opposite of the NYC ATHENS CAMPUS, are popular leisure venues for New York College students.

Opposite to NYC ATHENS CAMPUS, the Olympieion  (photo 5) and the Sports Venue of National Gymnastics Association (photo 6-7), where each year the New York College graduation ceremony (photo 6) takes place and where its students having athletic activities. during the academic year (photo 6).

The NYC Athens Campus is open daily and equipped with: state-of-the-art classrooms and lecture halls, computer labs, business center, lecture theatre, AV facilities, video conference facility, the new film and television studies department and studio, student cafeteria and lounge area.

In addition, at this campus students can visit the following support services and offices: President's office, admissions office, accounts office, Dean's office, registrar's, SUNY/Empire State College office, graduate office, international office, IT office, alumni office, student affairs office, career office, athletics department, student union, photocopy center. Access to all of our buildings is served by the METRO network as well as by the bus lines.

ATHENS BUILDING B (Thessalonikis 286 Str., Kallithea)

Kallithea campus is located just a few steps from the city train station, is open daily and offers access to: library, computer labs, study facilities, chemistry and biology laboratories, audio visual facilities, examination halls, state-of-the-art classrooms and lecture halls.


  • NYC Athens Campus: a landmark historic educational building

  • NYC Athens Campus: an educational and cultural hub

The imposing building that houses New York College for the last 30 years, on 38 Amalias Avenue in Syntagma, has a long past that is directly linked to the history of the modern Greek state. Built in 1876, it was transformed into "Destitute Women's Workshop" under the grant of Andreas Syngros, and renamed to "Young Women's Training Association". After the war, it temporarily housed the National Historical Museum before its permanent installation in the Old House mansion, and the 44th Plaka Gymnasium. In 1982, actress Alicia Nor maintained the "Pyli" Theater inside the building for four years. Over the years, the Building itself has changed, adapted, modernized. Today, our students have the opportunity to attend classes in this historic building, a timeless symbol of history.

1. The Acropolis and Amalias Avenue, Olympics 1896, Athens. Photo detail possibly from the day of the Olympic Games March 25, 1896 (old calendar). The reception from the Panathenaic Stadium. 02. Photograph of schoolgirls (1902). 03. The great benefactor Andreas Sygros. 04. Athens 1965 ca. The "Deprived Women Workshop" under renovation. Photographic Archive of the National Historical Museum. 05. Athens 1941-1944. Occupation. Vassilissis Amalias Avenue, the tram (line 12 for Pagrati), the National Garden and in the background the Old Palace and Lycabettus. 06. Athens, April 27, 1930. The parade to the Acropolis. Celebrating the "Centenary of Hellenic Paligenia". ERT Digital Archive.


The NYC Athens Campus (38 Amalias Avenue, Syntagma) is an innovative educational / cultural hub, that applies its international academic model of openness and diversity to new generations: Besides its in-house educational/ research hubs, students and public have the opportunity to participate in workshops, lectures, seminars and open discussions that are held in the same venue by well-known experts, distinguished academic and political figures, inspired by Ancient Greek democratic standards. Participation: Free to attend any of the above seminars, lectures or other events.



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