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Master in Special Education

MPhil - Education Specialisms

The MPhil (Master of Philosophy) Education Specilisms of the University of Bolton is addressed to those who aim at furthering their knowledge through research in a specific field of Education.

Indicative areas of research include:

  • Developmental Disorders (Autism spectrum Disorders, Asperger Syndrome);
  • Parents’ perspectives on treatments of autism;
  • Autism and parental quality of life;
  • School exclusion (several projects
  • Primary school children English as a second language learning
  • Responding to autism (several different projects
  • Community teaching in the health sector
  • Free schools
  • Greek secondary school curriculum development
  • Adult access to numeracy learning
  • Autism and literacy
  • Autism and inclusion
  • Degree study progress for first generation undergraduate students
  • Levels of learning and engagement in degree level study
  • Photographic representation of disability
  • Vocational diplomas
  • A reappraisal of the LDD curriculum in an FE college
  • The Individualised Curriculum
  • See more at:

  • Curriculum

  • Careers


The MPhil/ Education Specialisms programme provides theoretical and practical support to the students through workshops and seminars in Research Methods, Statistics for Social Sciences, Academic Writing, Viva Voce Thesis Defence.


The MPhil /Education Specialisms Programme is completed in 1.5 yeas if the student is registered on a full- time basis and 3 years if the student is registered part-time.


Graduates can pursue career opportunities in Education.


  • The PhD Program in Bolton Universityis designed to prepare students for research-oriented careers in universities, industry, government or public policy institutes.

  • Guidance and mentorship and outstanding student support are an integral part of PhD.Postgraduate students have close interaction with the professors and faculty and learn the value of a problem-oriented approach to research

  • We foster an atmosphere of collaboration between students, supervisors, professors, and academic board panel members, where students have the opportunity to present their research, give and receive feedback.

  • The Department is proud of its students and graduates who conduct interdisciplinary innovative research, and have active presence in international conferences.

  • All the activities of the MPhil/Ph.D. are in English. This includes lectures, seminars, workshops the Ph.D. thesis and the final defense. Also, as a postgraduate student you will have access to the equipment, facilities and expertise available at New York College and Bolton University


The state UNIVERSITY OF BOLTON is located in the Greater Manchester area of England with a history dating back to 1824. According to the Guardian (Best UK Universities 2022 - rankings), the UNIVERSITY OF BOLTON was ranked 12th among all UK Universities in terms of student satisfaction with teaching standards (satisfied with teachers) and, in addition, in terms of overall ranking (Guardian score), it was upgraded by 4 places to 46th among all UK Universities for 2021-2022. Recently, the BBC highlighted the UNIVERSITY OF BOLTON as a model for UK Universities, regarding its operating standards for student safety from the Covid-19 pandemic: and the UK Education Secretary Michelle Donelan, from the floor of the House of Commons, referred to the "amazing work the University is doing": New York College has a franchise agreement under the Greek Ministry of Education legislation and the degree you will receive at the end of your studies is awarded by the University itself.


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