Shefqet Avdullau


Shefqet Avdullau


Software Engineering - Web Development

OVALE Greece.


co-founder of INVEEN

Software Solutions



BS Computer Science, State University of New York, Empire State College


My major and the general education courses with the broad and deep theoretical and practical hands on experience, prepared me in many ways to take on new challenges and responsibilities. Right from the beginning, while other candidates were equally capable in theory, I was comfortably capitalizing on my hands-on experience earned through extensive laboratory projects conducted throughout my studies to get a jump-start twice ahead of other candidates.


I liked the available diversity of the classes for general education and major-related classes. It allowed me to vastly expand my knowledge at will on different topics while at the same time strengthening my major-related knowledge and skills. However, what I liked most was the excellence of lecturers; almost all of them had a prestigious worldwide high ranking alma mater. I am so glad for that, because I acquired knowledge and skills that were at the forefront of the industry I was aiming to provide my services in.

The high diversity and group projects, which were a miniature reflection of the business bodies, honed my skills for accomplishments on all sides. The college experience in such projects fostered in me the teamwork spirit. When I was hired, I was able to cooperate with everyone with such an ease. Furthermore, I had an instilled discipline to always set and accomplish within deadlines. These skills were as much appreciated by my employer as to convince them to bestow me the leading role of the department.


My advice to new students is that if you can, combine your education on what you love to do with the ability to increase profits, decrease costs, or both. It is the premium price tag that any management would pay you for, without an eye blink. Have no doubt, it is also a recipe for success on your own, if you so desire. If you ever have a hard time moving towards your dreams, always remember that "[success] is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." (W. Churchill)