MPhil - Education Specialisms (University of Bolton)

The MPhil (Master of Philosophy) Education Specilisms of the University of Bolton is addressed to those who aim at furthering their knowledge through research in a specific field of Education.

Indicative areas of research include:

  • Developmental Disorders (Autism spectrum Disorders, Asperger Syndrome);
  • Parents’ perspectives on treatments of autism;
  • Autism and parental quality of life;
  • School exclusion (several projects
  • Primary school children English as a second language learning
  • Responding to autism (several different projects
  • Community teaching in the health sector
  • Free schools
  • Greek secondary school curriculum development
  • Adult access to numeracy learning
  • Autism and literacy
  • Autism and inclusion
  • Degree study progress for first generation undergraduate students
  • Levels of learning and engagement in degree level study
  • Photographic representation of disability
  • Vocational diplomas
  • A reappraisal of the LDD curriculum in an FE college
  • The Individualised Curriculum
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The MPhil/ Education Specialisms programme provides theoretical and practical support to the students through workshops and seminars in Research Methods, Statistics for Social Sciences, Academic Writing, Viva Voce Thesis Defence. 

The MPhil /Education Specialisms Programme is completed in 1.5 yeas if the student is registered on a full- time basis and 3 years if the student is registered part-time.

Graduates can pursue career opportunities in Education.