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BS Concentration in Management

Bachelor in Management

With the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program of the American STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK / Empire State University, with a major in Business Administration (Management) and with studies entirely at New York College in Greece, students will be able to:

  • Have an in-depth knowledge of Business Administration, Organizational Behavior, Operations Management, Legal and Regulatory framework of business operations, as well as basic knowledge of Human Resources Management, Small and Medium Enterprises Management, Finance and Marketing.
  • Understand key areas of business, in terms of broader principles and models of Management Science, Finance, Accounting, Information Systems, Commercial Law and Business Ethics.

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What's next?

At New York College: With the BA Concentration in Management you are accepted by most MBA and MA or/and MSc programs offered at New York College. Most students choose to combine work with further study by choosing one of our MBA programs, in any business specialization.

At Institutions Abroad: The entry qualifications for graduate studies differ from university to university; however the SUNY/Empire State University degree is accepted by most universities globally. Popular universities usually require in addition to the degree a GPA higher than 3.0.   If you are interested for study abroad opportunities, contact your advisor early on your studies with us, and through our Student Affairs Department come in contact with our alumni who continued their studies abroad.


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Most bachelor's degree programs are designed to require 4 academic years of full-time study.


Career in management include Management Consultancy, or Managing in various departments within the organization, such as Human Resources and Administration.

Our Management graduates have pursued careers in sectors such as banking, sales, education and IT. With the appropriate working experience, management graduates can easily assume higher positions in the administration of the organization. It is also possible to start up their own small business enterprise.


  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree from the American STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK / Empire State University.
  • The world-renowned STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK is the largest university in the United States, with 64 campuses and 400,000 students in academic (undergraduate or graduate) programs.
  • Since American multinational companies are pioneers in the development and implementation of models of Business Management, it is practically useful for students who aspire to become managers or entrepreneurs in the future to obtain a degree from an American University, as a professional passport to the heights of business extroversion in the Global Economy.
  • Program duration: 4 years, i.e. a full university degree program, which means that graduates can continue their postgraduate studies in the US immediately after graduation, without the need for a post-graduate bridging program.
  • Development of advanced technical skills of the student for operations control and quality control at the level of Business Management, for the implementation and control of investment projects.


The STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK is the largest university in the United States with 64 campuses and 400,000 students. Empire State University is one of the 64 colleges and universities of the STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK with approximately 20,000 students. New York College has a franchise agreement in accordance with the laws of the Greek Ministry of Education and the degree you will receive at the end of your studies is awarded by the University itself.


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