MPhil - Psychology Specialisms (University of Bolton)

The programme is aimed at psychology graduates who seek to develop in depth knowledge in a specific area of psychology and produce research to a high level of academic achievement.
Interested candidates can select topics that fall under the areas of expertise of the NYC faculty. 

As a first stage to the MPhil programme, New York College offers a ‘taught component’, which constitutes a preparation phase with tutorials and workshops, conducted every second weekend of the month (Saturday and Sunday, 10am -5.30pm). The taught component aims at refreshing students’ research skills and assisting them in preparing their MPhil application, proposal and –ultimately-dissertation. 

The minimum period of study for the MPhil is 1.5 years (3 yeras part-time).

Graduates of the course can pursue carrer opportunities on areas of Psychology or continue for a PhD level studies.