BSc (Hons) Computing – Application Development, Cyber Security, Data Analysis- (University of Bolton) - NEW

Studying for a degree in Computing at New York College enables you to specialize in Applications Development, Cyber Security or Data Analysis and become a highly sought-after professional in the most advanced industry in the world. The principal aims of the programme are to provide students with a broad education in Computing with specialized knowledge in one of the three strands available. The Applications Development courses deal specifically with application development for computers, smartphones, web interfaces and other user interfaces. The Cyber Security courses look at designing secure computer systems with an emphasis on secure software development. The Data Analyst strand provide students with a deep understanding of the role modern database systems play in contemporary business information systems. All courses equip students to adapt and learn new skills as the computer industry evolves throughout their careers and prepare them for success in employment or postgraduate study.


Quick info

Duration: Four (4) years

Language: English

Academic Semesters: Two (2)

Exam Period: January, May


Entry Requirements

A pass mark in your High School Certificate

A good standard of English (IELTS 5.0 or a recognized equivalent).

Level 3

• Stage C for IFP and Pre-Masters

• Stage D for IFP and Pre-Masters

• Fundamentals of Programming

• Logical Analysis and Problem Solving

• Networks and Hardware

• Introduction to Digital Entertainment Technology


Level 4

• Linux Essentials

• Introduction to Networking

• Security Fundamentals

• Introduction to Software


• Database Design

• Object Oriented Programming


Level 5

Common Courses

• Computing Security

• Agile Methods Development

• Data Structure and Algorithms

Application Development

• Software Testing Processes

• Interface development

• Server App.Configuration & Management

Cyber Security

• Enterprise Infrastructure

• Advanced Linux

• Server App. Configuration & Management

Data Analyst

• Database Application Development

• Data Modelling and Analysis

• Software Testing Processes


Level 6

Common Courses

• Undergraduate Research Project

Application Development

• Enterprise Systems Development

• Secure Application Development

• Industry Development Project

Cyber Security

• Contemporary Problems Analysis

• Ethical Hacking And Digital Forensics

• Cloud and Network Security

Data Analyst

• Industry Development Project

• Enterprise Systems Development

• Advanced Database

The computing industry is a major employer worldwide. Opportunities are diverse and range from Software Production, Networking and Cyber Security to Big Data analytics and Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence, also in teaching in further and higher education, and further studies including Master and PhD research. The number of opportunities is growing and employers are looking for graduates with real-life vocational experience, and computing skills underpinned by learning, which is where University of Bolton graduates have the ‘edge’.