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Year 3 students of the Bachelor in Management programme of the University of Toulouse visited the General Directorate of Commerce of the Ministry of Economy and Development where they had the opportunity to attend an informative lecture on the activities, challenges and opportunities of the Directorate and also to meet in person the General Secretariat. The visit was arranged by Dr. Dionysia-Theodora Avgerinopoulou, Instructor, Chair of the Circle of the Mediterranean Parliamentarians on Sustainable Development, f. Member of the Hellenic Parliament, Chair, Environment Committee of the Parliament and Attorney at Law. Dr. Dionysia Avgerinopoulou with the New York College students...Read more
Most students complain that cognitive psychology is either difficult or too theoretical. We tried to make is as applied as possible, turning the classroom into a learning hub, where students collaborated in meaningful learning activities. The output was a brochure that we called "A student survival guide", filled with evidence-based tips and hints to help students make the most out of their classes. This guide explains how students can improve their attention, memory and problem-solving skills, and how they can perform better in the classroom or during studying, as well as in their exams and their essays. To produce this...Read more
On Monday 16 th of January 2017, New York College - Thessaloniki Campus and Biscotto welcomed a large audience at the workshop entitled “ Personal Development Plan: A valuable professional tool for the new Era ” which took place at Biscotto Coffee, Mediterranean Cosmos Mall. Mr. Babis Michailidis , Academic & Career Counselor of New York College Thessaloniki presented the basic principles and methods of building a Personal Development Plan (PDP). As Babis Michailidis explained, the aim of creating a Personal Development Plan is to document a process of self-analysis, personal reflection and honest appraisal of our strengths and weaknesses...Read more
Luke Prodromou graduated from Bristol University in English with Greek and has an MA in Shakespeare Studies from Birmingham University; a Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language (Leeds University, with distinction) and a Ph.D. (Nottingham University), published as English as a Lingua Franca: a Corpus-based analysis (Continuum, 2010). Luke is a founder member of Disabled Access Friendly Campaign for which he wrote - and performed, with D. Gibson - the ‘Wheelchair Sketch’ ; he now performs as ‘Luke- and-friends’ . Abstract Testing is often used as a short cut to extrinsic motivation – but, I argue, we...Read more
TUESDAY FEBRUARY 21, 2017 11.00-12.00, 286 Thessalonikis Str. Kallithea Evanthia, after completed her Bachelor in Greek Literature at the National University of Athens, she continued her studies in the U.S.A. and she received an MA in Linguistics by the Wayne State University in Detroit and a PhD in Linguistics by the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Following her brilliant studies, Evanthia taught both at the University of Michigan and Oakland University in the U.S.A. She has published in peer-reviewed journals in the Phonetics, which is her area of specialization. At New York College she has been teaching Second Language...Read more
FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10, 2017 12.00-13.00 38 Amalias Ave. Syntagma Dr. Sylvia Karastathi is a teacher educator and lecturer in TESOL at the Department of English Language and Language Teaching at New York College, Athens, Greece. Her PhD thesis was on contemporary literature and visual culture (University of Cambridge, UK) and she holds and MA in Modern Literature and Culture (University of York, UK). In 2015 she was awarded the Cambridge DELTA. She has previously published in the field of word and image studies in The Museal Turn (2012) and The Handbook of Intermediality (2015). Her current research focuses on visual...Read more
FRIDAY FEBRUARY 3, 2017 11.00-12.00 38 Amalias Ave. Syntagma Panagiota holds two undergraduate degrees, one from the Ionian_University in Translation and one from the American College of Greece in Marketing andManagement. She also holds an MA in TEFL/TESL from the University of Birmingham, UK. Panagiota started her career as an EFL instructor in a language school and since 2001 shehas been working in New York College where she first taught ESL and Academic Writingclasses and later became the Head of the English Department for a number of years.Currently, she is a Lecturer in the BA in TESOL in conjunction with...Read more
ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ 27 ΙΑΝΟΥΑΡΙΟΥ, 2017 12.00-13.00 ΑΙΘΟΥΣΑ Α1 ΑΜΑΛΙΑΣ 38, ΣΥΝΤΑΓΜΑ • Είναι άραγε όλοι οι «Πακιστανοί» στα φανάρια από το Πακιστάν και όλες οι «Φιλιππινέζες» (οικιακές βοηθοί) από τις Φιλιππίνες; • Από ποια ηλικία και πέρα θεωρείται κάποιος κωλόγερος, ραμολιμέντο ή χούφταλο; • Πώς θα αισθανόσασταν αν ακούγατε τον δάσκαλο του παιδιού σας να το αποκαλεί καθυστερημένο, μόγγολο ή αμέο; • Πόσα κιλά ζυγίζει μια χοντρέλα, μοσχάρα ή φάλαινα Η Μαρία Καμηλάκη είναι Διδάκτωρ Γλωσσολογίας του Πανεπιστημίου Αθηνών και κάτοχος MSc στην Εφαρμοσμένη Γλωσσολογία και τη Διδασκαλία της Αγγλικής από το University of Edinburgh και Μεταπτυχιακού Διπλώματος Ειδίκευσης στην Πολιτιστική Διαχείριση από το Πάντειο Πανεπιστήμιο Κοινωνικών και Πολιτικών Επιστημών. Οι γλωσσικές μας επιλογές δεν είναι ποτέ ουδέτερες. Μέσω αυτών μπορούμε να στιγματίσουμε τον Άλλο, να τον εξορίσουμε ως «μη φυσιολογικό» ή αντιστοίχως να εκφράσουμε την αποδοχή μας προς την ιδιαιτερότητά του. Αναλογιστείτε π.χ. πόσο μεγάλη είναι η διαφορά ανάμεσα στα συνώνυμα κούτσαυλος και άτομο με κινητικά προβλήματα, γύφτος και Ρομά, πρεζάκι και ουσιοεξαρτημένος, λούγκρα και ομοφυλόφιλος, τραβέλι και διεμφυλικός. Τα παραδείγματα είναι πάμπολλα και σχετίζονται με θέματα αυτοπροσδιορισμού και σεβασμού των δικαιωμάτων των συνανθρώπων μας και δη αυτών που ανήκουν σε ευαίσθητες κοινωνικές ομάδες. Στόχος της παρούσας διάλεξης είναι να διερευνήσει τις διαστάσεις που έχει προσλάβει το φαινόμενο του λεκτικού εκφοβισμού (verbal bullying) στην ελληνική εκπαιδευτική πραγματικότητα και να αναδείξει τον ρόλο που μπορούν να παίξουν οι γονείς και οι εκπαιδευτικοί στην αφύπνιση της μεταγλωσσικής επίγνωσης των μαθητών/-τριών, με άλλα λόγια στην ενημέρωσή τους για τη βαρύτητα των λέξεων-ταμπού και τις εναλλακτικές διαθέσιμες επιλογές. ΦΟΡΜΑ ΣΥΜΜΕΤΟΧΗΣRead more
On January 11,2017, Constantinos Kalogeorgos, General Manager of Mitsis-Laguna Exclusive Resort & Spa, the Greek National Component Leader in Tourism Education and the International Councillor of Greece in SKAL delivered an inspiring speech about Tourism to of New York College students, starting from the early times of people’s travelling until today’s massive globalised tourism market, whilst emphasis was placed on the Greek tourism reality. Mr. Constantinos Kalogeorgos, General Manager of Mitsis-Laguna Exclusive Resort & Spa Mr. Constantinos Kalogeorgos, (center), Mr. Nikos Mistriotis, Vice President New York College (center left) and Dr. Yannis Fikas, Director of Public Relations at New York...Read more
ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ 27 ΙΑΝΟΥΑΡΙΟΥ 2017 15:00-17:00 | ΑΙΘΟΥΣΑ Α1 ΟΜΙΛΙΕΣ ΑΠΟ ΤΟΥΣ: Κωνσταντίνος Χατζόπουλος, Χειρουργός, Επιμελητής Κλινικής Μαστού, Νοσοκομείο "ΡΕΑ" Θέμα: Πρόληψη και έγκαιρη διάγνωση του καρκίνου του μαστού Φρόσω Τζιντζηροπούλου , Ψυχολόγος Υγείας, Μ Sc - ψυχοθεραπεύτρια Πανελληνίου Συλλόγου ΑΛΜΑ ΖΩΗΣ Θέμα: Ανασταλτικοί παράγοντες πρόληψης Μαργαρίτα Πιτερού , Βιολόγος PhD , Εθελόντρια Πανελληνίου Συλλόγου ΑΛΜΑ ΖΩΗΣ Θέμα: Προσωπική εμπειρία με τον καρκίνο του μαστού NEW YORK COLLEGE: ΑΜΑΛΙΑΣ 38, ΣΥΝΤΑΓΜΑ ΕΠΙΒΕΒΑΙΩΣΤΕ ΤΗΝ ΣΥΜΜΕΤΟΧΗ ΣΑΣ ΜΕΧΡΙ ΤΗΝ ΤΕΤΑΡΤΗ 25 ΙΑΝΟΥΑΡΙΟΥ ΣΤΟ EMAIL: Η ΔΙΑΛΕΞΗ ΘΑ ΠΡΑΓΜΑΤΟΠΟΙΗΘΕΙ ΣΤΑ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ | ΕΙΣΟΔΟΣ ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΗ ΦΟΡΜΑ ΣΥΜΜΕΤΟΧΗΣRead more