The Challenge of Hybrid War for NATO and the European Union. Syria, Ukraine and Changes to the Security Environment

11 April 2016

On Thursday 7 April 2016, the Conference titled "The Challenge of Hybrid War for NATO and the European Union. Syria, Ukraine and Changes to the Security Environment" was held with great success.

The conference was organized by New York College and was sponsored by CNN GREECE with the official support of the European Parliament’s Office in Greece, and was hosted in the ''Giannos Kranidiotis'' Hall at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Μany important academic and political personalities of Greece were present in the Ministry’s crowded hall.

Dr. Christos Diamantopoulos opened the conference, posing key questions to the speakers. The President of New York College, Mr. Elias Foutsis, welcomed the participants, spoke of academic excellence and laid the basis for discussion by defining hybrid war. The participants were, also, welcomed by the representative of the European Parliament’s Office in Greece, Mr. Petros Aggos.

Short speeches followed from representatives of political parties, namely Mr. Dimitrios Kammenos, General Georgios Ntzimanis, Mr. Miltiadis Varvitsiotis and Mr. Georgios Tsitsilionis, each of whom examined the theme from a different perspective. Mr. Kammenos, spokesman for the Defense Minister and member of the Greek Parliament (ANEL), spoke about the impact of globalization and of the new economic conditions on the phenomenon of hybrid war. General Ntzimanis, member of the Greek Parliament (Syriza), thoroughly analyzed the issue of hybrid war. Mr. Varvitsiotis, member of the Greek Parliament (ND) and former Minister of Shipping, linked hybrid war to one of its most severe consequences, the flow of refugees, that currently affects our country. Mr. Varvitsiotis stressed the importance of internal security and its preservation in Greece. Mr. Tsitsilonis, head of the defense sector (POTAMI), wrapped up the short speeches by stressing the need for taking action and finding solutions to the issues at hand.

Next, came the academic panel comprising of Dr. Athanasios Platias, Strategy Professor at University of Piraeus, Dr. Christodoulos Giallouridis, Professor of International Politics at Panteion University, Brigadier General Achilleas Taouxis, Deputy General Director of Defense and International Relations of the Ministry of Defense, Dr. Sotiris Roussos, Deputy Professor of Political Science and international Relations at the University of the Peloponnese, and Dr. Konstantinos Filis,Research Director at the Institute of International Relations. Mr. Andreas Panagopoulos, Director of CNN Greece, was the moderator.      

The guest speakers discussed the following topics: Professor Platias described how hybrid warfare is an old concept dating back to the Peloponnesian War and Sun Tzu. He, moreover, talked about the new reality that essentially has replaced Karl von Clausevitz’s model.

Professor Giallouridis, in turn, analyzed developments in the Islamic world and how they tie in with hybrid warfare.  He also discussed Syria and Iraq as well as the hybrid warfare that Turkey has unleashed on Greece and the EU via the refugee crisis.

Brigadier General Achilleas Taouxis analyzed hybrid warfare on a theoretical level and talked about different ways to combat it in collaboration with other countries’ intelligence services.

Professor Roussos talked about Syria and Ukraine focusing on the use of the media and their role in the rise of hybrid threats targeting public opinion.

Professor Filis made the connection between hybrid warfare and energy security-related issues and analyzed, thoroughly, the Russo-Ukrainian Quesiton, while presenting aspects associated with energy and economics.

The minutes along with the video will be accessible in the upcoming days.

New York College supports academic events and wishes to thank all the participants in what was a successful conference and promises to present more such events in the future.


Watch the full event here!


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