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MSc in Corporate & Executive Coaching

MSc in Corporate & Executive Coaching

The Master's degree in Executive and Corporate Coaching of the British State University UNIVERSITY OF BOLTON-GREATER MANCHESTER, with studies entirely at NEW YORK COLLEGE in Greece, is the ideal choice for professionals seeking the highest education in the field of coaching. It is aimed at individuals who wish to develop their skills as a leader at any level of an organization, as well as professionals who wish to become Executive Coaches or Internal Corporate Coaches.

Its benefits are:

  • An integrated approach to training, combining the latest academic developments in the science of coaching with the practical experience offered by the 120 mandatory hours of practical coaching.
  • The teaching staff consisting of pioneers in the field of Coaching, distinguished University Professors and renowned senior business executives.

Program Director: Dr. Nancy Mallerou - Internationally awarded Master Coach, Author, Founding Member, former President of the Greek branch of the International Coach Federation - Greece.

*The program has been approved by the UNIVERSITY OF BOLTON, UK and is in the final stage of formal licensing procedures by the relevant authorities.


Letter from the Programme Director and Internationally Awarded Coach, Dr. Nancy Mallerou

"We all need a coach…", said Bill Gates in his TED talk,"… whether you are a CEO, a basketball player, or a teacher, we all need people who will give us feedback, broaden our perspective, and help us achieve our goals."

Coaching is one of the world's fastest-growing industries, offering numerous professional opportunities at both corporate and individual levels. The Master's in Executive and Corporate Coaching equips you with the essential skills to become a top-tier professional coach, ready to thrive in the job market immediately upon graduation.

Our primary goal is to develop Corporate and Executive Coaches who can amplify the impact of leaders and executives through comprehensive academic knowledge and practical application of coaching science. The programme’s innovation and high academic and professional standards ensure a successful and influential career.

In this graduate program, you don't just learn—you are inspired. You develop and discover your true potential as a coach. You will acquire the latest expertise, grounded in a strong academic foundation, successful global practices, and adaptable skills that distinguish you in today’s competitive professional landscape.

Join us, and together we will shape your future with the assurance of Bolton University and New York College.

Dr. Nancy Mallerou

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Coaching principles and core competencies

The module will allow students to receive a theoretical and methodological grounding on coaching and an understanding of the coaching mindset and ethics. This knowledge and skills are essential for professionals who want to acquire a critical understanding of the core coaching theory and techniques and practice within their organization, as well as for independent coaches. Throughout the module, students will also acquire or enhance their confidence and efficiency required in the coaching profession. Some of the key aspects that will be covered in this module include core coaching competencies and distinctions, coaching relationships, co-establishment of coaching goals and achievement of change and agreed results.

Leadership and Management

This module provides an opportunity to critically examine leadership and management from social, cultural, political, and economic perspectives, recognising current imperatives in the global context of contemporary business. In the module you will compare and contrast traditional and modern approaches to leadership and management, engaging with management styles and practices from different regions and cultures, and informed by a diversity of examples and case studies. You will also systematically examine and reflect on your leadership disposition, skills, and behaviours.

Leadership Coaching 

The main aim of this module is to enable students to understand the complex issues leaders are faced with and develop the coaching skills to facilitate their path towards mindful, inspirational and impactful leadership. The module will provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills and in-depth understanding of different leadership theories and styles, essential for the enhancing leadership in coaching practice. The module will enable students to deepen their essential professional knowledge and skills through high level coaching conversations.
Team Coaching

In this module students will acquire a sound understanding of the framework needed for a team to perform in the highest level and the role of a team coach whilst integrating essential professional knowledge, skills and tools of team dynamics into their practice. Students will receive a clear pathway of navigating and resolving the complex power dynamics within a team, the potential misalignment, miscommunication or conflict.

Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Aspects of the Executive

The main objective of the module is to enable the students to support coachees in dealing with career dilemmas, developing skills necessary for their professional advancement and safeguarding their wellbeing. The module will also enable students to deepen their knowledge, sharpen their coaching skills and be in a position to solve complex coaching problems such potential burnout, strategic career decision making, better co-operation and influence skills.

Self Leadership

The main objective of the module is to provide necessary knowledge and skill related to the cultivation and enhancement of self-leadership within the coaching process, including attributes such as self-discipline, confidence and efficiency. The module will enable students to acquire essential professional knowledge and an in-depth understanding of core aspects that are essential for successful coaching with regards to self-leadership including self-knowledge and awareness, motivation, strategic thinking, goal setting, resilience and change management.

Academic Skills and Professional Practice

In this non-credit bearing, compulsory module, you will consolidate and develop your academic and research skills; and clarify and strengthen your professional practice. To support this, the module comprises two aspects: academic and research skills, including writing styles, critical analysis, data collection and analysis, critical reflection, etc.; and professional development: personal and professional development planning, career planning, reflection and praxis. An innovative aspect of this is the reflection on professional development: this will draw upon elements of the core modules (of your programme) in its construction, and you will use to synthesise your own 'bigger' picture of the MSc and how it pertains to your (future) professional practice, praxis, aspirations, and development.

Professional Project

In this capstone module you will have the opportunity to bring together multiple elements of the programme to design, plan and execute an extended piece of work in critical research or professional enquiry to address a real contemporary issue, challenge, or problem within the context of corporate and executive coaching. This may involve research within an organisation, sector-based empirical research, or simulation-based research. You will be given a thorough grounding in fundamental research paradigms, strategies, and methods with opportunities, as appropriate, for more specialised research training according to project focus and interest. You will negotiate the major outputs of your research: for example, you may opt for a traditional dissertation or choose from more contemporary instruments of attainment, such as a research paper, professional portfolio of artefacts, etc. Whichever route you choose you will begin your project with a public pitching of your proposed area of research and close the module by participating in an end of the showcase.



The MSc in Corporate and Executive Coaching ensures a successful career with great prospects in businesses and organisations. The demand for executives in this field in the job market is already high and will increase geometrically in the coming years. At the same time, graduates of the programme can work as independent professionals in the field of Business and Executive coaching.




  • The 1st and ONLY MSc Executive & Corporate Coaching in Greece and one of the first internationally
  • MSc in Executive & Corporate Coaching from the British State University UNIVERSITY OF BOLTON-Greater Manchester
  • UNIVERSITY OF BOLTON-Greater Manchester is among the 30 best universities in Britain (The Gurdian's Best University Guide 2024
  • State of the art course content.
  • 120 hours of Coaching for experiential application & effective training methods
  • Conducting courses on Friday and Saturday afternoons: design and implementation that allows employees and executives to follow the program.
  • Experienced academic staff and distinguished executives with professional experience in large companies in Greece and abroad.
  • Effective training methods.
  • Program flexibility: full or part-time attendance.
  • Assessment through classroom activities and assignments without written exams

University of Bolton-Greater Manchester

In the 30 best universities in the UK! (Guardian 2024)

The state UNIVERSITY OF BOLTON is located in the Greater Manchester area of England with a history dating back to 1824. According to the Guardian (Best UK Universities 2024 – rankings), το UNIVERSITY OF BOLTON is ranked among the 30 best universities in the UK. Recently, the BBC highlighted the UNIVERSITY OF BOLTON as a model for UK Universities, regarding its operating standards for student safety from the Covid-19 pandemic and the UK Education Secretary Michelle Donelan, from the floor of the House of Commons, referred to the "amazing work the University is doing".

New York College has a franchise agreement under the Greek Ministry of Education legislation and the degree you will receive at the end of your studies is awarded by the University itself.


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