Your Career in Psychology: Endless Possibilities

Psychologists contribute to almost every profession, from education, health and social care to the legal system, business leadership and sport performance. Psychology is a vast field with endless possibilities.

Do you often ask, or think, “why?”. If so, studying Psychology could be a very good choice for you. Psychologists are curious people by nature, and they never stop learning. Psychologists seek to understand how the brain and our environment affects our behaviour and emotions. They contribute widely to the development of our society through the rigorous and scientific study of complex individual and social issues. Since society keeps changing, psychologists constantly need to keep learning, by researching and developing both our understanding and solutions to new problems. One thing is for sure, you will never get bored in this field!

29 June 2024

Employee Wellbeing: A Key to Business Success

Employee wellbeing is crucial for a business's success. According to research by Harvard Business Review, companies that invest in employee wellbeing see a 21% increase in productivity and a 27% reduction in sickness-related absences. However, many companies implement piecemeal solutions that do not address the real needs of their employees. In this article, we will examine common mistakes in the field of corporate wellness and present our company's services that ensure a holistic and long-term approach.

22 June 2024

Emotion regulation: What is it and how to practice it?

Emotions are a normal part of people's daily life. According to American Psychological Association, emotions are conscious mental reactions (such as anger, fear or anxiety) subjectively experienced as strong feelings usually directed toward a specific object/trigger and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body. For example, all people feel frustration when they are stuck in traffic, or feel sad when they miss their loved ones. Also, people can get angry when someone disappoints or hurts them, or they can get stressed about an important event for them, like an interview. In other words, all human beings, without exception, experience common emotional experiences such as anger, frustration, sadness or anxiety, which can affect well-being and decision-making.

21 June 2024

The new Normality: Leadership and Innovation in Remote Work

Remote work has transitioned from an alternative option to a central mode of operation for many businesses, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. This shift has posed significant challenges for leaders, requiring new skills and approaches in managing and leading teams. However, despite these challenges, remote work also offers substantial opportunities for improving and renewing business processes. This article will examine the challenges and opportunities of leadership in a remote work environment, providing specific strategies for effective management in this new context.

13 June 2024

Donald Winnicott: “The good enough mother” and the emerging sense of self

Winnicott’s contribution to psychoanalysis is unparalleled particularly when it comes to understanding the significance of the concept of the “good enough mother” and its implications on the development of the self but what does that mean and what does the process involve?

12 June 2024

Forensic Science

For many years the media (tv series and books) like CSI and its spin-offs, NCIS, Bones, Agatha Christie with her works Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes has captured people’s imagination on crime and how to uncover the offender using evidence and logic. Through these types of media and story telling people have learned that there is a need for physical evidence to “tie” or “prove” that the offender committed the crime, and thus for many people the fascination with forensic science began.

10 June 2024

Learning About Stress

What is stress and how can we recognize it?

Stress is the way the body reacts to a challenging or threatening circumstance and occurs especially in situations where change is needed; experiencing stress can occur generally during adrenaline-inducing events. The way people react to and can manage stress can vary depending on both biological – inherent, and psychological elements. 

04 June 2024

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