Coronavirus anxiety and stress

The need for control is one of our most fundamental human needs. In times such as these, the world is a lot less controllable and predictable that we would like. We are being told to self-isolate or quarantine, for an unknown length of time. Whilst this advice is extremely important and it is essential we follow it in order to contain the virus, this type of advice can also make us feel helpless, negative and uncertain about the future.

We tend to worry more about new risks than familiar ones. The vast majority of us are concerned, and some are beginning now to experience symptoms of stress. So what can we do to get back our sense of control and order, and maximise our physical and mental health?

16 March 2020

Plato's dialogues

In Modern times, Plato's dialogues resumed their central place in the international culture as a whole. During the Study Abroad program, students will have the opportunity to get to know how close to contemporary priorities (individual freedom, social understanding, democratic institutions) is Platonism.

07 March 2020

What can Positive Psychology do for us?

Positive Psychology, a recent branch of psychology, launched with the promise to make our everyday lives better. In their influential article in American Psychologist in 2000, Martin Seligman (the father of Positive Psychology) and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (the father of flow) laid the foundations of this new science.

13 July 2019

Good decisions, bad decisions, and right decisions

Decisions have the distinctive feature that they are made in the present but evaluated in the future: good decisions achieve desired outcomes while bad ones do not. Since future is uncertain, it is almost impossible to know a priori if a decision is a good or bad one, especially when conditions change rapidly like they do at present.

28 January 2019

Storytelling as an Image creation tool (Brand Storytelling)

A newly emerging international trend in the field of food and beverages, is returning to traditional, pure products and flavours, where consumers are turning to products asking authenticity. The fast pace of life and fear that has now passed in various forms in everyday life, combined with the stress, has created an emotional need for return to roots, back to those memories, fragrances and the flavours, that make us feel safe and sure, throwing away the "illusion of supposedly". The traditional diet products are products associated with nutritional culture of a place, and through it with the local history, traditions and customs. The traditional character of these products due to the specificity of the materials or the manufacturing method (recipe or technique) has a history of decades or centuries and transmitted from generation to generation.

23 January 2019


In today’s world, the number of adult English learners is increasing rapidly due to the fact that more and more adults are motivated to learn English either for study or work purposes, or even just for their own self-fulfillment. Therefore, teaching adults can offer quite a few job opportunities for teachers of English in their own country, abroad, or even on a distance-learning basis. However, teaching adults may seem more challenging, and therefore harder, to many teachers. Actually, it can be so, but it is also very fulfilling as adults are usually more highly motivated and more experienced than younger learners. Within this framework, this article will start by briefly presenting the main characteristics of adults as learners and will then move on to offering some suggestions of relevant activities.

03 December 2018


The Marketing and Communication specialty provides the student with all the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively promote the services in the right target group and in the appropriate place and time. However, a requirement for success for a modern marketer is to satisfy the needs and desires of the client and to be able to anticipate / create future ones. The key features that marketing executives must have are:

27 November 2018

How to Succeed through Finding Your Calling

20 November 2018

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