Computing and Education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The industry is already changing shape into a more autonomous and intelligent model. According to major influencers such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, the future of the industry will involve the application of computing in a much more direct sense.

03 October 2018

Employability and Higher Education for Teachers of English Language

Despite the initiatives undertaken within the spirit of the Bologna Process, there is still much debate as to whether higher education programmes of study equip students and graduates with the necessary lifelong learning and professional skills which will empower them to compete successfully in the globalized market.

03 August 2018

Studying Psychology at New York College

The Department of Psychology at New York College is one of the School’s largest Departments. Through our longstanding collaboration with the State University of New York-Empire State College, the University of Greenwich and more recently the University of Bolton, our students enjoy high-level international studies with faculty who have a wide range of skills and backgrounds. We offer a choice of US or UK Bachelor degrees in Psychology, and a range of postgraduate programmes including: MSc in Psychology, MSc in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, MPhil and PhD in Psychology.

31 July 2018

How does the word

How does the word "business" translate in the Greek language? More often than not, in our quest to find the meaning of this word, we simply just look it up translate, even if we think we know the answer! By letting Google decide, the first result we get is the word "organization or enterprise (epihiriseis)", among a few alternatives such as "work (douleia)", "employment (ergasia) ", "trade (emporio)" and so on. Indeed, the word business is not uniquely defined both in English and in Greek language. This is particularly interesting especially when talking about studying business.

23 July 2018


The Marketing and Communication sector is a key part of a company, as it is in charge of effectively promoting its services to the appropriate target group and at the right place and time. The main task of Marketing executives is to develop effective strategies in order to meet the needs and wishes of the client and to help increase the profitability of the company. The basic virtues that Marketing executives must possess are:

20 July 2018

6 + 1 reasons to choose Business studies with a famous UK University

A degree that aims to prepare you for a career in business development and management. It will equip you with a broad, integrated understanding of key aspects of business and the changing environment in which businesses operate as well as specializing in a key area of your choice. 

20 July 2018


When students ask the question that is the title of this essay, which they frequently do, they are surprised to learn that scholars have been divided on the nature of capitalism and that, as of yet, no definitive answer is available. Let us sketch the main contours of the debate: if we view capitalism as an economic system, then we must focus on its functions and seek to identify its distinguishing features (if any such exist) with reference to such functions. According to the standard account, an economic system is supposed to answer the fundamental questions of WHAT is to be produced, HOW and FOR WHOM. Some scholars would argue that what distinguishes capitalism from its predecessors is the extensive reliance on a system of decentralized markets combined with private ownership of productive factors and the profit motive for the purpose of resource allocation. Many economists would contend, however, that rationality (defined, at the individual level, as some sort of optimizing behavior over a set of consistent preferences) cuts across time and space, so that the fundamental complexion of economic institutions throughout history reflects the universal imperatives of economic efficiency. In the former view, capitalism is an economic system sui generis; in the latter, it is seen as the outcome of man’s inexorable, though time-consuming and uneven, march toward ever-increasing mastery over his environment.

16 July 2018

Economic illiteracy reigns supreme in Greece

In my opinion, it is hardly surprising that, when it comes to economic questions, the public discourse in this country habitually reproduces certain fallacies whose roots extend far back in time and which seem to have grown ever more popular in the years of crisis. It is more surprising, however, that some of our students who should know better subscribe to those same fallacies and misconceptions. In any case, I write this note to alert our students (or at least those who care about that sort of thing) to the kind of nonsense which currently passes for conventional wisdom. In the present context the following examples must suffice.

02 May 2018

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