The University of Greenwich MBA (University of Greenwich)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally recognised Master’s degree in business administration and management. It prepares managers for organisational leadership and decision making.
The Greenwich MBA aims to develop the business leaders of the future. It approaches leadership thematically from the starting points of creativity, practicality and social resourcefulness, and focuses strongly on the personal development of participants, including their career management.
Building on a broad foundation of business functions, the MBA focuses on the integrative disciplines of business strategy and the management of change, leading to a real-world consultancy project and an individual piece of business research submitted as a dissertation.
The MBA includes executive coaching, which helps students to understand their value in the marketplace and develop plans that will make the very best of their career potential..


  • Scholarship in Business
  • Integrated Operations Management
  • Creative Problem Solving and Consultancy Project
  • Responsible Leadership and Development
  • Strategy and Business Decision Making
  • Financial Management
  • Business Research Project



Programme Leader: Ioannis Manikas, PhD

Dr Ioannis Manikas holds a Bachelor in Agriculture and a Master of Science in the field of logistics from Cranfield University. He holds a PhD from the Department of Agricultural Economics from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki and his primary interest includes supply chain management, logistics and agribusiness management. At the University of Greenwich he is a Senior Lecturer in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. His work as a self employed project manager and consultant in the agrifood sector includes the design and development of regional operational programmes; analysis of regional needs and respective development policies focused on rural and food production; definition of funding areas and financing resources; definition of strategic goals for regional development and formulation of respective performance monitoring systems; and assessment (ex-ante, on-going, ex-post) of the implementation of EC and national funding mechanisms in national and regional levels.

Local Programme Leader: Kelley Galloway

Kelley has been involved in the University of Greenwich programme since 2010 and teaching at New York College since 1994. She holds a Bachelor degree in Social Science from Richmond: the American International University in London and a Masters degree in Sociology from the London School of Economics. For the University of Greenwich Bachelor in Business programme she teaches the Personal & Professional Development I (PPD1) which focuses on how to do research, use referencing and make presentations; PPD2 which focuses on CV writing and interview skills, teamwork and business plans; PPD3 which is the Consultancy Project and Thematic Independent Study which focuses on how to do a major piece of research writing. Her experience of both American and British educational systems as well as her sociological training enables her to advise and assist students throughout their studies.

Local Tutors

Alexander Coutroubis, PhDc – Alexander is the Director of Maritime Studies at NYC. He is also a Member of the Athens Bar Association and has his own Private Practice specializing in Corporate/Commercial Law. He holds a LLB (Hons) from the University of Greenwich and a LLM from the London School of Economics. Besides teaching the Context & Regulatory Framework course in Year 1, he is also the tutor for the Year 2 Shipping course – Shipping Policies & Regulations, Marine Law & Marine Insurance. He has particular expertise and interest in the Shipping Industry and also teaching in the Masters in Marine Engineering programme. His innovative teaching techniques have helped students learn more than just the course material.


Dr. Iakovos Arapoglou – Akis specializes in Business Statistics and International Economics. He holds a PhD from The City University of New York (Graduate School) as well as a Masters of Arts in International Relations. He has been at NYC since 1995 and is a much appreciated faculty member. Students enjoy his approach to teaching that includes current examples, especially those related to the economic crisis in Greece, linked with economic theory and presented in an understandable manner. His course ‘Creativity & Decision-Making in Business’ combines all of his areas of expertise.

Dr. George Konstantinidis – George has a unique educational and professional background. With a Masters Degree in Economics from Athens University of Science and a PhD from Panteion University with an emphasis on capital accumulation and globalization in, he is able to provide an international flavor to courses. He is also an economist that works oneconomic-technical projects. George has been teaching within the University of Greenwich Business programme since 2007. In order to keep topics current and interesting for students, he continually incorporates real-life examples.

Penny Vlagos – Penny has been teaching at NYC since 1999 specializing in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour. Through her professional experience as an HR Manager, she is able to pass on to students actual examples from working in both the US and Greece. With a Bachelor degree in International Business and an MBA from Loyola University, she has a wealth of knowledge related to business subjects. Penny also frequently invites professionals from HRM and NYC Alumni to speak in her classes. Students greatly enjoy her lively teaching style, enthusiasm for course material and approachable manner.

Dr. Antonios Panagiotakopoulos – Antonios holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Athens University of Economics & Business, a Masters degree in International Business from Leeds Metropolitan University and a PhD in HRM from the University of Leeds. His well rounded educational background together with his continued research and many publications enables him to offer students a variety of educational examples. He teaches both International Business Management and Employee Relations & Reward. He has recently published a book entitled “A Short Guide to People Management for HR Line Managers.”

Dr. Nikos Frydas: Nikos completed his first Bachelor’s degree at the University of Athens in the field of Physics. He then moved in the UK, where he obtained a second BA in Electrical Studies from the University of Cambridge, a MSc in Telecommunications from the University of Essex and a PhD in Information Coding from Loughborough University of Technology. He has extensive business consulting and teaching experience both in Greece and abroad.  He is a member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE, USA). Nikolaos has been our Faculty member since 2013.


Charalampos Agiropoulos, PhDc – Harris currently finishing his PhD in Economics from the University of Piraeus. His dissertation is on the financial crisis and international development. This area of emphasis together with his specialization in applied statistics, the subject of his Master of Science degree, adds much to the courses he is currently teaching ‘Business Planning & Development’, ‘Banking’ and ‘Managing Business Finance’. Harris is an active researcher and he has published a number of articles on a range of topics – from econometrics to international business markets in peer-reviewed journals. He also teaches at the University of Piraeus undergraduate and graduate courses.


Dr. Emmanuel Skoulas – With a PhD in Sociology from Panteion University of Political & Social Studies and a Masters degree in Mass Media & Communication from New York University, Manos is able to bring a unique perspective to courses he teaches such as Organization Behaviour. His area of specialization is Crisis Management and Negotiation that are both important factors in the business world. He has written guides on gender practices in local government and integration of refugees.

1,5 years in weekend mode. 

This Greenwich MBA gives students the grounding they need for management careers at executive level. Many go on to find excellent positions in organisations of all sizes all around the world. The MBA’s emphasis on practical application through business simulations and the consultancy project ensure that students have the skills to apply learning to realworld business scenarios while understanding the underlying theory. In addition, students  develop their own personal skills, as well as business skills, culminating in individual career development plans  supported by executive coaching.
Our graduates have opportunities to progress rapidly through management in different companies or to apply  their skills and knowledge to managing their own business.