How does the word "business" translate in the Greek language?

Mon, 07/23/2018 - 17:15

How does the word "business" translate in the Greek language? More often than not, in our quest to find the meaning of this word, we simply just look it up translate, even if we think we know the answer! By letting Google decide, the first result we get is the word "organization or enterprise (epihiriseis)", among a few alternatives such as "work (douleia)", "employment (ergasia) ", "trade (emporio)" and so on. Indeed, the word business is not uniquely defined both in English and in Greek language. This is particularly interesting especially when talking about studying business.

"So, what should I study?", this is a typical question from New York College students, and frequently, the next question comes without waiting an answer from the previous one: "Which of the specializations offered by the University is better? " To be honest, I have no answer ... no comment, and this is mainly due to the interpretation of the word "better". What does each student mean with the word “better”?-an entirely subjective notion! Are we talking about better professional rehabilitation, better knowledge, better specialization, a better curriculum, or just a better adaptation to future labor market needs and requirements? Everything I have mentioned above is certainly in one way or another considered by future students, and that is why I cannot give them a clear and consistent response. In my opinion, the programs offered by the partner universities of the New York College include all the above characteristics with some specifics or unique features (like Finance, Human Resource Management, Retail, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Business Law, etc.), such as differences between the American and the British educational system, the English-speaking from the Greek-speaking education, and the admission criteria for each one of the programs offered. Indeed, I do not have any answer due to the fact that the word “business” covers so many different components and if someone tries to bound it into a single definition, then it might have excluded something so important that can ultimately determine the future of each student. Everything is business and the more we research and study this particular science, the more prepared one will be to face future challenges. We may not be able to give a clear definition of the word business but we can understand its power and this perhaps is even more important.


Dr Charis Agiropoulos

Liaison Director of University of Bolton

New York College