Dr. Maria Barouni

Maria has specialised in Linguistics and Education Management. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Crete, at the Department of Philology, specialising in Linguistics. Afterwards, she pursued an MPhil in Linguistics at the University of Utrecht. The second year of her MPhil program she visited Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her interest in Language and Education drove her to a second Master on Education Management at the University of Volos. She specialized in Education Policy and more precisely at the impact of Bologna declaration on tertiary education. Maria has recently submitted her PhD dissertation in Linguistics at the University of Crete. Her dissertation focused on the Syntax/semantics of Greek particles. During her studies (BA, Master and PhD) she has received several scholarships from IKY, Merkouri Foundation, and Dretakis scholarship (i.a.).

Maria holds a long experience in teaching in secondary and tertiary education. Apart from teaching, she continues her academic research paticipating in several international and national linguistic conferences. Maria has visited University of Vienna and University of Stuttgart as a researcher, and has participated in summer schools in Boston (co organized by Harvard and MIT), in Saint Petersburg (co-organized by Univ. of Saint Petersburg and New York University) and in Crete (administrator at Creteling summer school).   At New York College she teaches Advanced Structure and Meaning Year 3, BA H English Language and ELT of the University of Greenwich.