Katerina Maragoudaki

Katerina studied photography in   film schools in Greece, Italy and Australia. Since 1990 she has been working as director of photography in feature film and short films, many of which have been awarded in Greek and international festivals (Drama, Thessaloniki, Alexandria). She has also worked for television in documentaries, series and advertising. Since 1992 she has worked in the design of lighting in more than 300 theatrical performances (opera, concerts, musical performances and dance theaters in Greece and abroad). In addition, in August 2004 she undertook lighting design of the ceremony of gymnastics at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004. Katerina is a member of the GSC and the Hellenic Academy of Cinematography and has been a member of the Preliminary Committee of the Film Festival Thessaloniki and Drama. Since 2005 she has been teaching at New York College in the department Film Studies as the Director of Cinema Photography and Camera.